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17 Backyard Privacy Fence Ideas That Enhance Safety in Style

Luke White

You know what they say: Good fences make good neighbors. And while fencing may not be the most exciting topic when it comes to interior and landscape design, they are essential, especially in the backyard. So we rounded up seventeen backyard privacy fence ideas that'll help you enhance safety and privacy in style. Some are DIY projects while others may require a little more work and investment, but they'll all keep the nosy neighbors at bay. Read through to learn about your backyard fence options to decide which is best for you.

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1 Palet or Slat Wood Fence

A pallet fence is classic and blends in well with natural environments. This is especially true if you dress it up in a wall of greenery. They're great for urban spaces, like this back patio, to increase privacy without building a wall that'll block sunlight.

2 White Picket Fence

A traditional white picket fence like this one has a quaint air to it—there's a reason it's evokes images of the American Dream. Use reclaimed wood for a rustic feel or paint it white for that small-town charm, like designer Marshall Watson did here.

3 Chain Link or Wire Fence

Chicken coop fencing isn't necessarily the prettiest option out there, but wire fencing does increase safety (and it's cheap). If you decorate well enough, nobody will even notice it because they'll be too busy focusing on the great furniture and decor, like this patio space by Leanne Ford Interiors.

4 Rustic Split-Rail Fence

Like a 4-rail horse fence only more rustic, this simple design can be easily built from scratch. If you want to protect your home more, you can cover the gaps in your split rail fence with mesh. It's great for pets on the perimeter.

5 Solid Tiled Wall

When it comes to privacy and safety concerns, a solid wall is a better route to take than a fence. This one in a home designed by Arent & Pyke also happens to set the scene on the patio nicely. Covered in tiles, it delivers sophistication and style.

6 Iron-Wrought Fence

Overlooking a gorgeous view like this, a backyard fence should blend in so we can really soak in the vista ahead. An iron-wrought fence is both durable and practical, modern and timeless. Take note from this Malibu oasis designed by Alexander DB.

7 Rattan or Bamboo Fence

Instead of a classic wood paneled fence, try a bamboo or rattan variation like this one. It boasts a bohemian island vibe and does well in tropical climates, though it's also resilient in chillier environments and can withstand snow. Take note from this one at the Papaya Playa Project hotel in Tulum. But keep in mind it may be pricier than classic wood fencing options.

8 Brick Wall

On this patio designed by Hecker Guthrie, the brick wall adds a charming old-school touch. The white paint makes it fit in well with the other modern elements, like the brushed cement flooring and over-sized planter, too.

9 Trees and Shrubbery

The backyard is your space to reconnect with nature and unwind in the fresh air. So instead of saturating it with furniture and an eyesore of a fence, get creative with landscaping. A concentration of tall shrubs and trees can function as a living wall, like this one designed by Studio Lifestyle.

10 Garden Fence

Keep your flowerbeds and vegetables safe in the garden with an extra fence. Since gardens are meant to be lush and beautiful, opt for fencing that blends in well with the environment. This eight foot tall wooden fence in a space designed by Lisa Bynon sets the right mood—it's the perfect balance between open and closed.

11 Stone Wall

You'll have to check zoning regulations for your region before erecting a stone wall, but it can be a great option to extra backyard privacy and security. Plus, the natural stones are perfect for country chic style.

12 Garden Trellis

A solid fence on the outskirts of the property is a great idea while charming trellises fences are best in a sprawling garden space like this one. Limiting yourself to one type of flower saves on yard work in the long run. For a client who really loves roses, Edmund Hollander planted some 250 English grandifloras. It doesn't get more romantic than this.

13 Spliced Wood Fence

Landscape design firm Hollander Design collaborated with Roger Ferris & Partners to create this gorgeous, architectural backyard fence. It's a modern interpretation of the classic spliced picket fence and brings a touch of privacy. It all depends on how open or closed you want the fence to be.

14 DIY Addition

That DIY fence extension gives this tiny backyard a tropical appeal while also enhancing privacy. If your stucco garden wall is too short to block the neighbors but you don't want to block out the sunlight, a slatted option like this is perfect.

15 Tall Hedge

This yard designed Arent & Pyke proves that hedges are a lovely backdrop for outdoor living rooms. One grand hedge like this will enhance privacy while also adding some greenery, making it the perfect backyard fencing for anyone wanting to keep things green.

16 Portable Partition

On a city balcony with little privacy, add at least an illusion of privacy with a room divider against the section that separates yours from your neighbors. Just make sure you choose a screen that can withstand the outdoors.

17 Wood Panel Fence

Line your perimeter with wood panels for a classic backyard fence idea that won't cost a fortune. You can always space the panels further apart if you're okay with a little less privacy.

Hadley Mendelsohn Design Editor Hadley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful's design editor, and when she's not busy obsessing over all things decor-related, you can find her scouring vintage stores, reading, or stumbling about because she probably lost her glasses again.

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