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Chain Link Gate Repair

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Chain link is a durable, easy-to-repair fencing system.

Chain link is a very simple modular fence building system that is easy and affordable to install and repair. Fixing chain link gates is typically a matter of replacing whatever parts are damaged through age, neglect or impact. Since the metal parts are constructed of galvanized steel, the main repair that is made is typically an adjustment to the posts, which tend to sag over time.


Examine the posts before replacing any parts, especially if the gate has been incorrectly closing or latching. Gates are usually installed in good working order; the most common problem occurs when posts sag out of alignment. Use a level to determine if either of the posts is leaning. If so, dig down around the base of the post on the side away from the direction of the lean and remove enough dirt to get the post to shift. Fill the resulting void — on the opposite side from where you dug — with coarse gravel up to 2 inches below grade, then pack soil firmly around the entire post. Test the gate again. Make adjustments as needed.

Pipe and Fittings

The pipe and fittings of a chain link gate will be compatible with parts available at your local hardware store or lumberyard. Open the gate and lift up on the hinge side to slide the pins up and out of the gate. Lay the gate on a pair of saw horses for easy access. Use a pipe wrench to twist the pipe until it loosens in the fittings, then use a rubber mallet to tap them apart. Take the damaged pieces with you and purchase the same size and shape fittings, or galvanized chain link fence pipe in the same thickness. Cut the pipe to length using a hacksaw, rotary tool equipped with a cut-off wheel, then refit the parts and rehang the gate.

Chain Fabric

When the fabric of the gate begins to come unwoven, it is sometimes possible to bend the pieces back into place with locking pliers. If the damage was caused by a dog or other animal that is being contained by the fence, you will need to replace it. Purchase fabric, also known as fencing, in a roll, and cut a piece the same size as the piece being replaced. Count the number of links in height and width, rather than measuring, since the mounted chain is stretched and will not measure the same. Remove the wires holding the fabric in place with pliers, or loosen the nuts, if it is pulled with a flat stretcher. Remove the old fabric, then attach the new at one side. Use a come-along, or fence stretcher, to pull the fabric tightly. Reattach the wires and bend them down tightly, starting at one corner and working along the side opposite the side you originally attached to, attaching one wire at a time until finished.

Hinges and Latches

Hinges and latches are the simplest repairs. They are mounted with visible nuts and bolts that can be removed using a wrench and pliers, or a socket set. Inspect the original parts to ensure they are damaged and not just misaligned through use, before replacing them. Use identical parts when replacement is necessary, fitting them into position to match the original parts. Fit the gate in place with the nuts slightly loose. Adjust the alignment of the parts so that the gate functions smoothly before tightening the hardware firmly in place.

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Mark Morris started writing professionally in 1995. He has published a novel and stage plays with SEEDS studio. Morris specializes in many topics and has 15 years of professional carpentry experience. He is a voice, acting and film teacher. He also teaches stage craft and lectures on playwriting for Oklahoma Christian University.

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